Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things I meant to tell you over the phone.

1. I had a dream last night that Gordon Brown (the British Prime Minister) was a very ill killer whale and also my best friend.

2. My Mother convinced herself that she had the beginnings of a moustache and persuaded me to wax it for her with a veet home wax kit.

3. I have written three chapters of my novel Everything Must Go (working title).

4. I discovered Gay Romeo in Berlin and am roughly as successful with that as I was with manhunt. Which is to say not very.

5. I snapped my sunglasses and they're really expensive to replace. I found them in Chicago for $1.99, but it later transpired that they were original wayfarers from the '60s.

6. My five year old sister told me yesterday; "I never used to like you, but now we can all be friends together."

7. Seven is the Holy Sex.