Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Live from Berlin!

My dear afflicted Californian friend, Stevie is hosting me this week in his really very lovely Berlin appartment, he`s established here. We are preparing a ceremony to present on Friday at Studio Saint Saint, Berlin´s only gallery owned and operated by transvestites. I love this city.

People beat each other up on the subway, everything is covered in grafitti and every building functions as a gallery, an appartment, a store and a cookery school. Plus it`s wildly cheap, rents seem to be around 250-300 Euros (ie $320-388) a month. Peaches, Bruce La Bruce and Vaginal Creme Davies live here. I bought two pairs of earrrings and a scarf today.

"I´m not a moody guy...but such a life I´ve never known."

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