Friday, October 17, 2008


You know, I really do love New York. This extract from OUT! magazine reminds me just what a magical place it is.

"Well after midnight the Mattachine 2.0 crowd spills out onto the sidewalk. I ask performance artists Joseph Keckler and La JohnJoseph and their friend Stephen Kent Jusick, an experimental filmmaker: Why are we getting all verklempt about a painful, dangerous time for gays?

“Danger is exciting,” says Keckler.

“I think a little homophobia goes a long way in keeping us strong and not soft.”

Joseph, who’s sort of dressed like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan but with black lipstick, disagrees: “As much fun as homophobia might provide us, there are kids in places who aren’t as lucky as us. If they want to wear black lipstick, it’s a hassle for them.”

“The assimilationists win -- that’s what happening,” says Jusick.

Joseph takes offense. “I am hardly the face of assimilation!” We’re all interrupted when a huge, belching garbage truck backs up on the sidewalk. “Dive in, dive in!” people start shrieking. A garbageman in a do-rag that reads PUETRO RICO scowls at us. It all feels very Old New York, with rouged nelly queens and surly trade mixing it up."

- OUT! October 2008


thejakeman said...

It's true. I couldn't wear black lipstick. I already wear a Christies of London wool bowler with a little red feather in it. Any further and I would have guys shunning me or hitting on me. And a harem of women I don't care about.
It's strange, I hang out with eclectic friends. We all went to the Haight Asbury neighborhood (to hit up music stores, apparently.) with me in my bowler, my friend Chris in black cowboy hat and tight clothes, and Daniel in a vest, blazer, pinstriped dress shirt and drivers cap (the closest approximation would be a pirate. It's intentional, I'm sure). I was so sure we would get stoned or hit on. I worry about stupid things.

To make matters worse, I bought Seal's first self titled album (used, it was like 2 bucks!) with the odd sleeveless vesty jackety thing he was wearing (it looks totally gay). I thought about it, and I realized the vast majority of musical artists I appreciate are gay. (oddly enough, seal isn't. Married to Heidi Klum, of all people.) B-52's, David Bowie--

Actually, I just spent a good bit of time on wikipedia searching bands I like. Yeah, it's a bit of an exaggeration. Anyhoo, the vast majority of bands I like could be seen as gay by the average bud drinking, truck driving conservative. So, I don't know. I'm not stupid enough to assume that this makes me gay, the thing I wonder about is the perception. Which is what it's all about really. After all, the old bigot's refrain is generally something like "I don't mind them screwing guys, I just wish they wouldn't act gay." It's far more about what they perceive to be different or wrong than it is what people actually are or do. Man, this society is fucked up. Sorry, I have a bit of a different perspective, since I live in a relatively backwoods farming town that is sometimes described as the "republican wart on the bay area's ass." I'm sure if I lived in SF itself I'd see a bit of a different perspective.

Anyway, I'm rambling, and doing that thing where you be all like "OMG I have a gay friend let me bother them with all my sexuality problems!" That would annoy the heck out of me too.

Have a nice day!

NY L7 said...

i look so sad in that picture!

i wish we had had more time to hang out in NY together. i hope ure doing well! im gonna be checking in on ya'! love, robert smith