Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I licked my spoon in delight.

Saturday, ate a banana split with the sun pressing up to the window. Cream on top of ice cream, a few fat fruits, ground pistachio like moss, a banana like a longship, Viking vessel of exploration, oak tree hewn in half to tell the time since life began, in concentric circles. Frothy like the birth of Venus, bottomless like a heartbreak, waitress with a lisp like an old room mate, the fair rumble of traffic grounding me. The spoon, Greta Garbo, throws a haughty shadow across the glass, prisiming, dives, Esther Williams, solo synchronized swimming in an innocent soup of honey, Shirley Temple. I licked my spoon in delight as I realized that I hadn't been this happy since we smoked our brains out in your room, and coloured in pictures of dinosaurs on your bed all afternoon, with just the cat for company.


thejakeman said...

Ah, this is fantastic. I love your writing the more I read it.

thejakeman said...

Or rather, the more I read your writing, the more I love it.