Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This one gets his mug everywhere!

So said the wise old owl that is Earl Dax. And as if by magic in the week of my return to the UK I have finally made it into the British broadsheets. In The Guardian today, journalistic dreamboat Ben Walters (cousin of non-other than choreographer to the stars Vanessa Walters) mentions me favorably in his write up of Joe E. Jeffrey's Drag Video Verite. He also spilt the beans on how I spent my time at Marina's apartment this Summer, details I probably wouldn't have shared had I known he was a filthy hack. Oh, who am I kidding? Had I have known I'm sure I would have told him even more lurid details. You can read it all here.

Furthermore, those darlings over at anti-mag have just put up the interview I did with them a few weeks ago, the feature includes a lovely little gallery too.

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