Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Mother and I are both mortally afraid of bees and wasps.

This evening in Blockbuster, whilst trying to avoid paying the late fees, the creation at the register announced; "I don't want to alarm you but there is a rather large bumble bee just above you."

And so there was, it was huge, half the size of a tennis ball, and what it was doing in Blockbuster in late September I do not know.

My Mother and I, being that we are both mortally afraid of bees and wasps, ran screaming towards the door only to find ourselves headed off by Mr Black and Gold, at which point we ran back to the cash desk.

The creation at the register could not have been less interested in helping us out of this pickle, so you can imagine our relief when a dude with tattoos entered - "Surely he will save us," we thought.

But, no. He was a scared as my Mother and I, and so the three of us ran about the store, knocking over the cardboard cut-out of Paris Hilton and sending the low hanging sale signs into disarray.

It should be added that my Mother strained her groin last week and that I was wearing my pyjamas. The sight of the two of us flailing around, she staggering and me ready for bed, would have been hilarious if anyone with a sense of humour had been around to witness it. The creation at the register was unmoved and still insisted that we pay the £18 late fees, miserable cow.

For the record my Mother chose 27 Dresses and I chose Inland Empire. In retrospect the bee should have been interpreted as an omen.

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