Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There's nothing left to learn, no more bridges to burn.

That was you see, my last weekend in New York City, and it thoroughly kicked me in the face. I probably deserved it. Next weekend I will be in L.A., the following in San Francisco, the next Dublin and the next London.

Right now I'm having a very emotional time. I have these endless conversations with people who tell me how sad they are that I am leaving, but I myself am too broken up to talk about it. I keep brushing people off and closing down the dialogue, and feeling very guilty for not allowing them to say what they want to say. I just can't bear to hear it, and so I just find myself crying uncontrollably at very inappropriate moments; at dinner, on the subway, halfway through a show at Joe's Pub.

Furthermore if one goes to a bar with a person one happens to be, intimate, with and then that person leaves with one's friend, well one might call that tacky, wouldn't you say?

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MargOH! Channing said...

Oh dear,

I didn't realize you wouldn't be around til the end of the month, I did hope to see you before you left...I'll miss you but of course you'll be back so don't cry gorgeous....

And yes that is tacky...but when you're young and horny worrying about being tacky usually isn't a concern.... ; )

Kisses, MargOH!