Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Week In Revue

Monday night was the opening for the HOT! Festival opening at R Bar. I performed a brief extract from "Notorious Beauty", my show which runs July 10, 11, and 12th at Dixon Place. Come see it! I have special guests!

Tuesday I spent sending out press releases and working on my new "Tutti Fruttii" number, then went down to Lucky Cheng's to rehearse with the band.

Wednesday I had brunch with Mrs Woo, picked up my fliers and went to a Uniqlo casting. That evening I went to see Our Lady J at the Zipper Theatre and ended up whiling away the evening at Julius' in the fine company of Misses Martin, Carrera, Bond, Brandy and J. Lovely!

Thursday I took ritalin, and was very efficient. I rehearsed with Thain, for the Ms Stonewall pageant and then headed off to Lincoln Centre for Drag Video Verite, to see clips of the city's most esteemed queens (including Legs and myself) show 'em how it's done. Afterwards I steamed towards Stonewall for the pageant where I made a lot of mess onstage with my green food coloring.

Friday was a comparatively relaxed day; I went to brunch with Mr End and we spread fliers for various degenerate events all over the West Village. And totally got cruised by Hilary Swank.

Saturday was something else, the Mermaid Parade in fact. I was a part of Legs' entourage on the march, carrying the Mermaid Ball banner and wearing a swimsuit. Due to my up 'do and head scarf (I presume) people in the crowd yelled; "Hey Lucy!" to me all day. The photographers were unbelievable, at times we couldn't walk forward and a path had to be cleared by security! I spent 15 hours done up, because on the back of the parade Brittany and I headed to Bad Ass to perform my "Fame" number.

Sunday saw yet more rehearsal and "Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Revue" at Lucky Cheng's, where I debuted my "Tutti Frutti" routine. IE pulled oranges out of my bra.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she works hard for the money/drink tickets.

Thanks to Gothamist for the video.

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