Sunday, June 15, 2008


Working the door at Victoria ("lesbian drag night" as Mrs Woo had it) is not an easy task. One must drink a lot of pineapple juice, mingle with pop stars and other internationally celebrated performers, eat cupcakes from Shop Rite and attend to many other perilous tasks. All of this must be carried out with elegance and decorum, in high heels, even when under duress from dudes on the prowl.

"I think you're very attractive," he said, distracting me from a genuinely interesting interaction to my right. "Is this reciprocated?"

Unimpressed by this less than giving compliment, I told him; "Oh, I'm married."

"Do you have breasts," he asked.

"Nope," I replied, puzzled by his non sequitur .

"So you're just very pretty?"


And then he went to The Monster to try and score uppers.

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