Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ah, Mercury in Retrograde, I knew her well.

Mercury in retrograde brings people from your past back into your life. Last week I met my old room mate twice in three days, after a six month hiatus, and then last night at TingelTangel I saw the incredible Mrs Jonny Woo who was previewing her new show International Woman of Mister 'E'. I hadn't seen her since I left London and was thrilled to be in the audience for the American premiere of what is a tightly written, witty and warped tale of drag on the brink. On top of that I happened upon a kid I went to school with in London, and was honestly thrilled to see him. I even made new friends, if you can imagine such a thing; there were a whole set of kooks at the party and we exchanged numbers.

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