Sunday, May 4, 2008

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

It's misty, rainy on Avenue A.

I'm leaving my friends behind, walking up, towards 14th ST for the L train. I'm tired. I'm down at heart, yeah, you're bumming me out because you won't play fair. I let my jacket fall open, I pull the hair from my eyes, I continue, and I know that track repairs will prolong my journey home unbearably.

Bobbing amber spots, lit cigarettes, punctuate the inky night and I breathe in loneliness. You won't play fair.

I am not startled when he comes towards me, steady and to the point.

"What would you say," he asks, "To having a drink with me?"

I almost turn him down, shake my head silently and continue on, force of habit. But the haze has filled me with a hopelessness.

"Alright," I say, flatly, dashed with a glimmer.

"Oh." He says, "I'm sorry, I thought....."

"I know," I say.

And we part.

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