Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the line of duty

Last week I had the enviable experience of trying out five new(ish) careers.

On Monday I was an emergency replacement go-go dancer at Sugar Shack Burlesque, where I made a regal $7 in tips. On Tuesday I sat for a figure drawing class with Darlinda; it was full on naked realness in front of sixty people and one blues singer who was belting out Bessie Smith. On Wednesday I strategized with my client MargOH! about the press for her upcoming show at Lucky Cheng's. On Thursday I performed at a comedy improv night and on Friday I acted as wig stylist forward slash beauty consultant to the artist formerly known as Enya Buttox. There were highs, there were lows, mainly lows if we're honest.

This week I go back to stripping, ho-hum.

The above drawing is by Arkady Roytman and you can purchase it from him for a mere $75 which is $25 cheaper than an illustration of Legs Malone. BARGAIN!

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