Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Faberge is overrated

When I was a child I stole a Cadbury's creme egg from Woolworths. I consider this to be my 'fatal instant' if we're going to be Sartrian about it, and frankly why not? I was stealing you see, to steal a place in the world; plus I really do love creme eggs. My sister, Nicola, once ate a triple pack of them that she had found somewhere she probably shouldn't have been looking. They had been intended as an Easter present for some uninteresting cousin, so she stashed the empty packaging in my bedroom in an attempt to frame me for the crime. The nerve. But, even this traumatic incident did not disuade me from my love. Not to be outdone however, Madonna (linking to her would simply be redundant wouldn't it?) in an interview with Elle this month, discusses at some length how she too loves the delicious little ovals. The woman who is often accused of cultural vampirism, says of her favourite candy; "I bite right into it and suck all that good stuff out!" Madonnalicious has all the details, and more.

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